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Topics in eu-gene
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Nio, Jig-Sound and the Heap as an Interactive Form of Music--and War Pigs 1 Jim Andrews at 9:03pm, Mar 19
Computer Art and the Theory of Computation 2 philip pocock at 8:19pm, Mar 02
survey - digital art 8 rob at 1:18am, Mar 01
Essay: The Role of Programming in Digital Art 38 Jim Andrews at 5:54pm, Feb 24
Thanks for being a Fan! 1 Stephane Poirier at 9:50pm, Feb 19
New online app: Aleph Null 3.0 1 Jim Andrews at 3:24pm, Jan 25
xCoAx 2018 Extended submission deadline: 12 February 1 Andre Rangel at 10:58am, Jan 25
Headless 3D modeling 2 setphen at 2:05pm, Jan 05
AlgoMech festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement, Sheffield UK, 8-12 November 2017 1 alex at 12:39am, Nov 05
Could vorotrans art be called generative art? 10 Philip Galanter at 3:41pm, Sep 26
The Moral Deformity of Team Trump, parts I-V 1 Jim Andrews at 3:21pm, Sep 18
new deadline Generative Art 1 celestino.soddu at 8:59am, Sep 18
Unsubcribe 2 Detdigitart at 9:17am, Sep 04
AlgoMech festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Performance + Art, Sheffield 9-12 Nov 2017 1 alex at 1:36pm, Sep 01
SeamLess3D as a generative art platform 1 ilpotenteivixante at 11:15pm, Aug 30
Call for Papers: Special Issue of Digital Creativity on Improvisational Creativity 1 Jon.McCormack at 8:17am, Jul 23
Sound processing 3 chicochetal at 10:21pm, Jul 21
Hybrid generative/classic art 19 nikita at 3:37pm, Jul 21
Tidalcycles summer school, Sheffield, 12-13 August 2017 1 alex at 6:42pm, Jul 02
Algorave - Algorithmic horizon 1 alex at 7:15pm, May 01