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Topics in Gibber
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algosix - 96 hours of streaming live coding performances 1 charlie at 7:01pm, Mar 15
Issue relaunching namespaces 5 mark.durham at 7:52am, Mar 02
Audio input and Webcam input restored 1 charlie at 9:11pm, Feb 09
Kick rest bug? 3 martinmartin at 9:02pm, Dec 10
new Ensemble object for defining custom collections of instruments 2 martinmartin at 7:16pm, Dec 10
Deleting a Giblet 2 martinmartin at 11:37pm, Dec 08
Sequencing Decays Problem 3 martinmartin at 6:07pm, Dec 08
Spin on only one axis? 2 charlie at 1:29am, Oct 20
FFT question 4 charlie at 4:15pm, Oct 15
Play back mp3 files? 5 dave.faught at 4:08am, Oct 14
Play mp3 files? 1 dave.faught at 2:51am, Oct 13
gibberwocky: Gibber meets Ableton Live 24 leolodreamland at 9:29am, Jun 20
Gibber server power outages on May 24th, 25th and 26th 1 charlie at 3:06pm, May 22
Algorave 5th Anniversary Streaming Party has now started 3 charlie at 12:04am, Mar 20, 2017
gibberwocky.midi 7 cv at 3:56pm, Mar 14, 2017
Sign up! Algorave 5 year anniversary party 1 charlie at 5:49pm, Mar 01, 2017
School Project 5 wwconlin at 3:38pm, Nov 28, 2016
Saving a Giblet Without Publishing 3 robjac at 7:21pm, Sep 15, 2016
Gibber server down, 9/18 9PM EST for three(?) hours 1 charlie at 9:04pm, Sep 14, 2016
Status of ios / android support? 7 Palle Dahlstedt at 9:58am, Aug 26, 2016