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Topics in hsc
  Topic Posts Latest Post
New topic about new topics. 28 Dennis de Bel at 8:30am, Apr 21
meet xmpp grande finale_final_final2.psd / synchronized spamming session 8 Bart Koppe at 7:18pm, Mar 09
git server for hsc projects 2 aymeric at 11:45pm, Feb 28
meet xmpp grande finale 7 Dennis de Bel at 5:48pm, Feb 28
next meeting 28 crunk at 3:48pm, Feb 13
port 22 filtered at PZI 1 aymeric at 10:25am, Jan 18
New Years Reception and XMPP special issue continuation. 10 crunk at 12:01pm, Jan 17
meeting tuesday 13/12 13 Lidia at 9:36am, Dec 13
Don't mess with The Google 2 RRA at 7:06pm, Nov 17
XMPP Special Issue update 1 manetta at 8:10pm, Oct 18
CFB Call for Bots (XMPP Special Issue) 6 Lidia at 5:05pm, Oct 18
XMPP servers setup 20 crunk at 3:57pm, Oct 05
list public? 1 aymeric at 10:40am, Sep 14
Odp: Odp: Odp: server moved 6 Dennis de Bel at 9:04pm, Jun 06
Odp: Odp: server moved 4 Andre Castro at 11:18am, Jun 01
Odp: server moved 2 Dennis de Bel at 6:46pm, May 30
Post-LGM 2 Gottfried Haider at 6:43pm, Apr 23, 2016
server moved 1 RRA at 9:55pm, Apr 11, 2016
meeting next week. 8 Lucia Dossin at 3:13pm, Apr 11, 2016
Odp: meeting next week. 1 Julia at 7:47pm, Apr 10, 2016