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Topics in Tidal
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Buffer UGen: no buffer data 1 asadok at 9:29pm, Nov 17
How to keep timestamp scheduling for SuperDirt and relay the OSC out of SC in Sync 5 La Gauche at 9:14pm, Nov 17
superimposed-ish functions? 9 asadok at 7:43pm, Nov 17
Sound.Tidal.Epic: Variable-length patterns, with an intuitive Applicative instance 8 jeffbrown.the at 4:25pm, Nov 17
Calling Linz 1 alex at 12:06pm, Nov 17
A solution (to the problem of evaluating multiple lines) and a question (about tidal + stack ghci + emacs). 9 numa at 11:33pm, Nov 16
Problems when sending OSC from Tidal. 1 taketori7616 at 6:25am, Nov 13
Supercollider Sound Card change 3 Daf at 11:29pm, Nov 12
Roland System 1M and Tidal 8 Alejandro at 6:01pm, Nov 10
Nested <> ? 2 bgold at 10:30pm, Nov 09
SuperDirt Port Issue 3 pomoroney at 2:18pm, Nov 09
Tidal Midi with micro KORG/Synthesizer Vocoder 7 CNDSD at 6:03pm, Nov 06
Stream and time questions 15 jeffbrown.the at 7:32am, Nov 06
Tidal OSC sending newbie problem 1 karnpapon at 10:12am, Nov 05
AlgoMech festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement, Sheffield UK, 8-12 November 2017 1 alex at 12:42am, Nov 05
Reverb: Room and Size = global? 7 Graham Dunning at 2:14pm, Nov 04
Tidal newbie multichannel problems 12 julian.rohrhuber at 10:10am, Nov 04
How do I get rid of all the pop music? 4 Graham Dunning at 11:28am, Nov 02
The two Arcs in an Event: Example of usage? 1 jeffbrown.the at 2:41am, Nov 02
Problems installing Tidal 24 superspasm at 1:50am, Oct 29